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Advice- Tips on How to Choose the Best Sunroom / Window Contractor.
(or ANY type of Contractor)

Okay, once and for all...
how do I REALLY choose a Reliable Sunroom/Window Contractor?

Q: Should I choose the biggest Sunroom/ Window company in my area?

A: Well, the problem with MOST of the really big Sunroom/ Window companies is that they think of you as a number...

They think this business is a "numbers game".

They send out the same army of high-pressure salespeople every night who force you to sit through the same canned sales pitch, whether you need it or not, and then they pressure you into making a decision.

You see, the truth is, they know that about 25% of you will succumb to pressure and buy.

The other 75%? They dont care about them because they charge so much money that they can just re-flood the market with expensive ads and start over again.
Like I said, THEY think of you as a number.

At Texas Rooms And Windows, WE would prefer it if your contractor thought of you as a CUSTOMER (person). Wouldn't you?

We Make sure you have ALL the information you need to make a decision before we send out a Professional Design Consultant to help you. Not Pressure you!

Q: Should I choose the smallest company or a sub-contractor?

A: Typically, you should only hire a smaller company or a sub-contractor if you or your spouse is a contractor, or you are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the materials and craftsmanship involved with your specific project.

I have to say that sub-contractors are the lifeblood of the construction industry and none of us could get along without them.

The problem with smaller companies is that, in general, they work their butts off all day, and they are either too tired or they lack the appropriate funding to keep up with things like health and liability insurance, office and professional staff, construction technology and developments, paying taxes, etc.

They DO usually have the lowest price initially, but that low price almost ALWAYS turns into the highest, if even one small thing goes wrong.
The biggest reason that the home improvement industry has such a bad reputation is because homeowners are so concerned with getting a low price that they actually create a situation where quality contractors can't afford to use superior materials or take the time to do an excellent job.

Remember that in most cases, we are looking for the best possible VALUE, not just the cheapest price.
So, usually, unless you're a contractor you probably shouldn't hire sub-contractors yourself, and if you do... Hire them to INSTALL materials, NOT Specify materials.

Q: Okay, what should I look for when I want to hire a contractor?

A: Well, basically, the SIZE (in this case) doesn't really matter, and you don't have to take my word for it.
Here are some guidelines:

These are some basics that I think you should absolutely NOT compromise when it comes to hiring a qualified contractor.

1.)The contractor and/or company should be locally owned, managed and operated.
The person choosing your products should live in and be extremely familiar with your local Climate, Labor Supply, Home Values, Trends, etc.

You probably don't want somebody from Colorado deciding what products are best suited for Texas.
Some of the best designed products up there will do great in a cool, dry climate and will rot to pieces down here.
You also want to make sure that they are familiar w/ local codes and laws and you can find them when you need to, which brings us to the next requirement...

2.)They should maintain a publicly-accessible office/ warehouse location.(NOT a spare bedroom!).
Actually, that is a pretty good SIZE test! If your contractor can handle his/her entire business from his truck & Cell phone... Run!

By the way, to be a registered Builder or Remodeler in Texas, The Texas Residential Construction Commission REQUIRES the contractor to have an actual business address... Make sure you check their TRCC # and status!

You should make sure that all of your contracts and paperwork contain a real office address and phone #'s.

3.) They should have a MINIMUM of five years of "hands on" experience AND a MINIMUM of five years of equivalent education and/or Management/Ownership Experience.
The company may have been in business for one year or fifty years, but you need to know how much experience the actual person has, who is designing, and actually specifying the products and installation techniques being used on your home.

The owner of the company and any specific managers and craftspeople should each be experts in the particular job that they are selling and producing for you.

The owner should be experienced in both the construction side and the management side of the business.

You don't want someone deciding how to build your project if that person has never actually done it themselves.
Theory and second-hand knowledge only go so far. Would you let someone tell you how the ride and drive of a new car feels if they had never even driven it?

4.)They should have a permanent staff of employees and professionals to help run the business.
It is impossible to maintain all required licenses, permits, equipment and facilities if you are a "one man show".

Your contractor should maintain a permanent relationship with an attorney and bookkeeper, as well as have an adequately and specifically trained staff to answer phones, maintain schedules, sell and design jobs, obtain any necessary permits or financing, etc.

Remember that it is extremely important to know that your contractor is organized, keeping up with all new codes and advances, paying taxes and managing liability.
One person cannot handle all aspects of a Professional Contractors Office and duties.

5.)They should have references and maintain memberships with all applicable trade organizations.
Everyone has at least one or two customers who will have a good experience, and that is extremely important, but, there are other references that are just as, if not more, important!

Your contractor should supply you with a list of banking and supplier references as well as the contact information of their attorney, engineer and insurance agent upon request.

Remember that these people are all busy, but if your contractor is a valued customer, they shouldn't mind an occasional, quick phone call.

ABSOLUTELY every Builder and Remodeler in The State of Texas is REQUIRED to be registered with and to register your home with the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC). Verify their Registration #!

The company you hire should have zero unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau and they should also maintain membership and/or affiliations with at least one or two applicable trade organizations.

The most important/ valuable of these affiliations for remodelers:
-NARI-The National Association of the Remodeling industry.
-NSA-The National Sunroom Association.
-EWC-The Efficient Windows Collaborative.
-USGBC-The U.S. Green Building Council.

6.) They should have professionally printer materials and paperwork.
All contracts, agreements, brochures, warranties, and literature should be professionally and clearly written and display a printed company name, logo, and contact information.

Furthermore, you should obtain written copies of all paperwork, and especially warranties at the time of the sale, so that you can make sure the warranties you are shown ar the warranties you are getting.

This way, you can keep all records and information together in a safe place.
Some manufacturer warranties are issued after your products are ordered, but you should at least be left with a sample copy to make sure they match up later.

I am proud to say that Texas Rooms And Windows meets and/or exceeds all of these standards.

Do you really want to trust your home to anyone else?

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