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Remodeling Projects -Cost/Return On Investment

Sunrooms, Conservatories & Patio Enclosures come in a wide range of styles, sizes and especially prices...

Keep in mind that a low-end 3 seasons, aluminum sunroom might be $15,000 to $30,000, while an extremely high-quality, energy efficient vinyl-wood composite sunroom might range from $25,000 to $60,000 and luxury-quality sunroom additions or premium hardwood conservatories can range from $40,000 to $100,000 and beyond.

We wanted to give you an idea of prices, costs & resale values of some specific sunroom & conservatory styles as well as some regional & national averages from various sources below:

Please send me an email w/ ANY type of question and I will do my best to send you an accurate, unbiased answer and/or advice based on your specific remodeling project, climate or budget.
-Rick Hubbard-Sr. Design Consultant-Texas Rooms And windows, LLC

2007- Cost vs. Value
Mid-Range Quality
Sunroom Costs and Resale Values

(NOT Texas Rooms And Windows Avg.Sunroom Cost-Our prices beat the average prices again this year!)
National Averages:

Sunroom Job Cost: $69,817.00
Sunroom Resale Value: $41,231.00

The Following is the Sunroom Project Description as used in the Cost Vs. Value Report:
(NOT Texas Rooms And Windows Avg. Job Desription!
Were are proud that ALL of our Sunroom projects are of higher quality than the the national average and we make every effort to keep costs below the national average RESALE value!
This means you are much more likely to get a 100%+ Return on your investment when you invest in one of our Sunroom Additions!)

OK, back to the report...
Sunroom Addition:
(Average Sunroom description used for the report)

Construct a 200-square-foot sunroom addition, including footings and slab-on-grade foundation.
Post-and-beam framing exposed on interior side.
Wall glazing: vinyl or aluminum clad awning and casement windows with low-E, laminated or tempered glazing and screens.
Roof glazing: 10 large aluminum clad venting skylights with screens.
Provide ceiling fan; insulate all non-glass areas; provide movable shades for glass area.
Quarry tile or equal on floor.

Based on National Average Resale Value, this means your average sunroom project would only cost you approx. $0.40 cents on the dollar!

When you take into account all the great uses and enjoyment you will get from your specific sunroom, this is great news!
(see article: 12 ways to enjoy your new sunroom, conservatory or patio enclosure)

But... Imagine how much better you'd feel with one of our custom-designed sunrooms or conservatories that are guaranteed (in writing) to beat the National average in both Price and Resale!

As you study the Cost information below, Keep in mind some of these tips that should greatly increase the resale value and enjoyment of your sunroom:
1) Search for the best possible materials & products you can find within your budget.
2) Find out what the average home value is in your neighborhood and try to stay within 15%-25% of that value(meaning value of your home after you add a new addition).
3) Sunroom additions that are extremely energy-efficient, climate-controlled, well designed, attractive and complimentary of your existing home style will always offer you a better atmosphere and higher resale value.
4) Choose products and designs that are ultra energy-efficient and require little or no maintenance. The less money and time you spend maintaining and heating/cooling your new room means the more money you keep in your pocket!

The following information about National Averages is taken from:
The 2007 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report.*Please see usage guidelines*

See full list of all project descriptionsused in the report.

**Once again...These are NOT indicative of Texas Rooms And Windows Prices!!! These are National Averages from the report.**

2007 National Averages




Attic Bedroom Remodel $46,691 $35,771 76.6%
Back-Up Power Generator $13,357 $7,748 58%
Basement Remodel $59,435 $44,661 75.1%
Bathroom Addition $37,202 $24,553 66%
Bathroom Remodel $15,789 $12,366 78.3%
Deck Addition - Wood $10,347 $8,835 85.4%
Family Room Addition $78,989 $54,148 68.6%
Garage Addition $53,897 $37,461 69.5%
Home Office Remodel $27,193 $15,498 57%
Major Kitchen Remodel $55,503 $43,363 78.1%
Master Suite Addition $98,863 $68,172 69%
Minor Kitchen Remodel $21,185 $17,576 83%
Roofing Replacement $18,042 $12,166 67.4%
Siding Replacement $9,910 $8,245 83.2%
Sunroom Addition $69,817 $41,231 59.1%
Two-Story Addition $139,297 $103,010 73.9%
Window Replacement - Vinyl $10,448 $8,290 79.3%
Window Replacement - Wood $11,384 $9,241 81.2%
Project Upscale
Project Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Bathroom Addition $73,145 $50,442 69%
Bathroom Remodel $50,590 $34,588 68.4%
Deck Addition - Composite $15,039 $11,672 77.6%
Garage Addition $82,108 $53,056 64.6%
Major Kitchen Remodel $109,394 $81,096 74.1%
Master Suite Addition $220,149 $141,120 64.1%
Roofing Replacement (steel) $33,151 $21,769 65.7%
Siding Replacement (fiber-cement) $13,212 $11,633 88.1%
Siding Replacement (foam-backed vinyl) $12,132 $9,668 79.7%
Window Replacement - Vinyl $13,479 $10,913 81%
Window Replacement - Wood $17,383 $13,784 79.3%
© 2007 Hanley Wood, LLC. Reproduced by permission. Complete city data from the Remodeling 2007 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded for free at costvalue.remodelingmagazine.com.

See full list of all project descriptionsused in the report.

Please send me an email w/ ANY type of question and I will do my best to send you an accurate, unbiased answer and/or advice based on your specific remodeling project, climate or budget.
-Rick Hubbard-Sr. Design Consultant-Texas Rooms And windows, LLC


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